Friday 17 August 2012


This tutorial was written by me on 12th June 2010, It assumes you have working knowledge of PSP and Animation Shop and it's tools, was written in Version 9, feel free to merge layers as when needed, unless otherwise stated

You will Need:
Tube Of choice, I am using the work of Elias Chatzoudis and you will need a licence to use his work
My Template
My Supplies here
Fonts Sports Night ( supplied )
Eye Candy 4000 - Gradient Glow

Open the template and duplicate and close the original > delete the copyright layer > image > canvas size > 700 x 700 ( crop later )
using your magic wand click inside blkframeinner1 > modify > expand 2 > open paper2 and paste as a new layer > invert and delete > delete the original
repeat with blkframeinner2

click inside blkframe1 with your magic wand > open tube and paste as a new layer > invert and delete > duplicate tube > blur > gaussian 3 > change blend mode to overlay and merge down with the original tube > repeat with the other frame
click on grey circle > selections > float > defloat > open paper1 and paste as a new layer > invert and delete > delete the original
click on the red circle you just made > selections > float > defloat > paste your tube as a new layer > invert and delete > change the blend mode to soft light and lower the opacity to around 80
open your main tube and paste as a new layer and position > drop shadow
set your foreground and background to black and draw out a rectangle ( see mine ) convert to raster
type your text > I typed England > create as vector so you can stretch it to fit your rectangle > convert to raster > effects > gradient glow and add a small red glow to your text
merge down to your rectangle > add the same glow to the rectangle > add same glow to the 2 black frames also

add the copyrights, your mark and your text > merge visible > crop > resize 85% all layers
copy and paste into animation shop > open the football
add the football to your tag > view and save as a .gif
If you have any questions or comments regarding this tutorial please leave me a comment below or write a message
in my Chat Box, alternatively you can email me at

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