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This tutorial was written by me on 12th July 2010 It assumes you have working knowledge of PSP and Animation Shop and it's tools, was written in Version 9, feel free to merge layers as when needed, unless otherwise stated
You will need template101 by me ( supplied )
tube of choice, I am using the work of Elias Chatzoudis, you will need a licence to use his work
my supplies here
mask of choice
eye candy 5 impact - gradient glow
xero - frittilary

Open the template ~ duplicate and close the original
Image ~ canvas size ~ 600 x 600 ( we will resize later )
delete the copyright layer
highlight black square ~ float ~ defloat ~ add a new layer ~ open paper2 ~ paste into selection ~ select none and delete the original layer

apply your mask to this layer ~ merge group
click on rectangle ~ float ~ defloat ~ add a new layer ~ open paper2 and paste into selection ~ delete the original layer
click on slats ~ float ~ defloat ~ pick a colour from your tube ~ add a new layer and flood fill ~ delete original layer

add a small black glow to the slats and to the rectangle and also to the stars
highlight the rectangle layer again ~ float ~ defloat ~ open tube and paste as a new layer ~ invert and hit delete
change the blend mode to multiply ~ lower opacity to 68
click on the slats layer ~ xero ~ frittilary ~ default settings

open the anchor and paste as a new layer and position ( see mine ) using your magic wand tool ~ click inside the small circle on it and then highlight the slats layer and hit delete and again on the mask layer ~ drop shadow the anchor
open up main tube and paste as a new layer and position ~ drop shadow
open up the wheel and paste as a new layer and position ( see mine ) ~ duplicate and position ~ merge the 2 together ~ drop shadow

open bubbles and paste as a new layer ~ image mirror and position to the right side ~ drag down so it is below the tube
add the copyrights and your mark and crop around the tag ~ resize if you wish
hide all layers that above the red and white striped rectangle ~ merge visible
hide the merged layer ~ unhide the others ~ merge visible
you should now only have 2 layers

copy the bottom layer and paste into animation as a new layer
and duplicate until you have 8 frames of it ~ open the bubbles and position these over the rectangle
go to back to psp and copy the top layer ~ duplicate until you have 8 frames again and paste this onto the bubbles
view animation and save as a .gif
If you have any questions or comments regarding this tutorial  please leave me a comment below or write a message
in my Chat Box, alternatively you can email me at

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