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This tutorial was written by me on 13th September 2010 It assumes you have working knowledge of PSP and Animation Shop and it's tools, was written in Version 9, feel free to merge layers as when needed, unless otherwise stated
You will need:
Tubes of choice ( one close up ) I am using the work of Jose Cano, you will need a licence to use his work
My supplies here
 Pentacom - dot and cross

Open a new transparent image 550x250
select 2 colours from the tubes you are using and set to 'forground-background' gradient, settings: angle-36, repeat-1, style-linear and flood fill
open the close up tube and paste as a new layer > duplicate and mirror until the background is covered > hide the background and merge visible > unhide background
duplicate the tube layer > adjust > blur > gaussian - 3.0
change blend mode to soft light
on the original layer change the blend mode to luminance legacy
hide background layer and merge visible then unhide background layer > blend mode luminance legacy
lower opacity to around 60

set your background to white and foreground to null and select the rectangle preset shape tool > line set to diamond and draw a rectangle (width 2 ) within your image ( see mine )
convert to raster > select your freehand selection tool set to rectangle and draw over the rectangle you just drew
selections invert and highlight the tube layer > adjust > colorise > hue and saturation > change both numbers to 0 > repeat with the background layer > donot deselect
add a new layer and using your gradient again ( click invert this time ) flood fill the selection > change blend mode to soft light
do not deselect > open the brush layer provided and paste as a new layer > invert > delete ( incase any excess ) > select none
lower the opacity to around 36
open your main tube and paste as a new layer and position add a drop shadow of choice
select your freehand selection tool set to rectangle and draw out a vertical rectangle on the right hand side ( see mine ) highlight the tube layer > adjust > colorize > hue and saturation > set both numbers to 0 > repeat this with the background layer
effects > plugins > pentacom > dot n cross and apply default settings
selection > modify > select selection borders > both sides checked > 2
add new layer > flood fill with white > lower opacity to around 50
type your text in this box
add copyrights > your mark and merge layers visible
copy and paste into animation shop > insert image effect > settings: effect length 2.0 - frames per sec 10 - click ok

view animation and save as a .gif

If you have any questions or comments regarding this tutorial , please leave me a comment below or write a message
in my Chat Box, alternatively you can email me at

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