Monday, 13 August 2012


This tutorial was written by me on 13th January 2011 It assumes you have working knowledge of PSP and Animation Shop and it's tools, was written in Version 9, feel free to merge layers as when needed, unless otherwise stated

You will need:
my supplies here
fat font ( I used Broadway )

Open a new transparent image 600 x 400 and flood fill white
open the gold pattern and minimise in psp, select it as your fill and stroke as black
select the font you want to use and type your text ( create as vector ) stretch the name to the size you want
when happy convert to raster

selections > select all > float > defloat > modify > expand > 3
add a new layer and drag below the text and flood fill black
use your magic wand and select each of the black letters you just made, then highlight the gold lettering > duplicate twice so you have 3 frames
rename them 1 2 and 3
highlight 1 layer > adjust add noise, settings: random, 40, monochrome > ok
apply the same noise to layers 2 and 3 but change the amount to 47 and 55
add a drop shadow of choice to each of the 3 layers

you can now add any elements you wish to your name
open animation shop and hide layers 2 and 3 in psp > copy merged and paste as a new animation
hide layers 1 and 3 and copy merged and paste into animation shop after current frame
hide layers 1 and 2 and copy merged and paste after current frame in animation shop
view animation and save as a .gif
If you have any questions or comments regarding this tutorial or please leave me a comment below or write a message
in my Chat Box, alternatively you can email me at

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