Friday, 17 August 2012


This tutorial was written by me on February 25th 2010
It assumes you have knowledge of psp and animation shop and it's tools, was written in version 9
You will need:

Scrap Kit 'Yee Haww Ride Em' By Lis which you can purchase over at PspGirlPlace

Tube Of Choice, I am using the work of Anthony Guerra, You need a licence to use his work at Guerra Fine Art
My Supplies here

Open a new transparent image 600 x 600 and flood fill with white
open element65 and paste as a new layer > resize 85%
select your freehand selection tool, set to rectangle and draw around the middle part of the frame and open
 paper11 and paste as a new layer >
 invert and delete and drag the paper below the frame > drop shadow the frame

open element57 and paste as a new layer, position to the bottom of the frame and use your eraser / selection tool
to delete the over hang on each side > drop shadow
select your selection tool and repeat as you did for the paper by selecting the frame, open element6 and paste
 as a new layer > position > invert and delete and drag below the fence and frame layers > drop shadow > lower opacity to 60

open element1 and paste as a new layer > resize > 30% and position top left of frame( see mine )
open element12 and paste as a new layer > resize > 45% and position on the right ( see mine ) > drop shadow
Open element19 and paste as a new layer and drag below the frame layer > drop shadow
open up your tube and paste as a new layer > position > drop shadow
open element17 and paste as a new layer > position > resize 85% ( see mine ) > drop shadow
open element22 and paste as a new layer > resize > 30% and position top right > remove part of the rope so
it looks like it's hanging from the frame > drop shadow
crop around the tag and add your copyrights, your mark and place your text using a font of choice onto the signpost >
 merge visible > resize > 85% all layers
open animation shop and open the horse animation supplied, duplicate your tag til you have 11 frames and copy
the horse into the bottom right hand corner
view animation and save, If you have any questions about this tutorial, or would like me to display your created
 piece on my blog,please leave a comment below, or leave a message on the chat box,and I will get back to you

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