Monday, 13 August 2012


This tutorial was written by me on 15th May 2011 It assumes you have working knowledge of PSP and Animation Shop and it's tools, was written in Version 9, feel free to merge layers as when needed, unless otherwise stated
You will need:
Tube of choice, I am using a tube from paulas collection from BritsyNin
My Supplies here

Open a new transparent canvas 600 x 250
using your colourpick tool, choose 2 colours from your tube and set the gradient to foreground/background - angle 41 / flood fill
open your tube and paste as a new layer / resize 75% 3 times
duplicate your tube 5 times and rotate and move them round / merge these 5 tubes visible ( hide the bg layer ) so it covers the background layer

change the blend mode to screen and lower the opacity to around 60
selections / select all / modify / contract 10
add a new layer and flood fill white /modify / contract 3 / hit delete
add noise / gaussian / 45 monochrome unchecked
open the bow supplied and paste as a new layer and drag down abit / change the blend mode to luminance legacy and lower opacity to around 66
open up the other tube and paste as a new layer / resize 75% twice and position
duplicate the tube and on the bottom one / gaussian blur - 3
on the top copy change the blend mode to hard light
select your preset shape tool with both colours set to white and draw a rectangle vertically along the left side / change blend mode to overlay
write any text you want in the rectangle on the left
add copyrights / merge visible and save

open a new transparent image 150 x 150
repeat step 2 above
then repeat steps 6 7 and 8
use your selection tool set to rectangle and draw around the white noise / open tube and paste as a new layer and position where you like / invert and hit delete
change the blend mode to soft light
using the same font as you did before, type a large letter
add the same noise and a drop shadow
add copy rights and save

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