Monday, 13 August 2012


This tutorial was written by me on February 18th 2010
It assumes you have knowledge of psp and animation shop and it's tools
was written in version 9
you will need:
Tube of choice, I am using Elias Chatzoudis, you will need a licence to use his work
' Feeling Lucky ' Scrap kit by Gina
Bling here

open a new transparent image 600 x 600 and flood fill white
open frame05 and copy and paste as a new layer > resize 60%
using your selection tool set to rectangle draw around the inside of the frame
open paper02 and paste as a new layer > invert and hit delete and drag below the frame layer
click on your selection tool again and draw a rectangle within the frame ( see mine )
open paper07 and paste as a new layer > invert and delete
repeat this with the other side of the rectangle using paper06
using your selection tool, select around the orange paper and open your tube and paste as a new layer
invert and delete > change blend mode to soft light
add a drop shadow of choice to the frame layer
open up your main tube again > mirror and position > drop shadow
open up frame04 and paste as a new layer > resize > 65% and position ( see mine ) > drop shadow
open bougainville01 > resize 45% and paste as a new layer and position ( see mine ) add a drop shadow
duplicate and mirror
drag the one on the right below the tube layer and on the one on the left use your eraser tool to delete some of the stem
open bow01 and resize 45 % paste as a new layer top left of the frame
add the copyrights and your mark and any text you would like at this point
crop around the tag
merge visible all layers except for the background, papers and frame
hide the merged and frame layer and merge visible
you should now have 3 layers in your pallet... the background with papers, the frame, and the layers with tube
merge down the tube layer onto the frame layer, so u now have 2 layers only
open animation shop and open the bling supplied
delete the black layer frame on the bling
copy from psp the background paper and paste into animation shop as a new animation
duplicate until you have 21 frames ( same as bling )
click on frame 1 of the tag > edit > select all
click on frame 1 of the bling > edit select all
holding your left mouse button, drag the bling onto your tag ( you might need to go back to psp
to see where to place your bling underneath the frame ) when you are happy release the mouse button
go back to psp and copy the tube layers, take to animation shop and duplicate until you have 21 frames again
and position onto the background with bling using the same technique as you did before
view animation and save

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